Opening Yourself to Receiving

imageHow many times have you had the courage to make a change, but when questioned you doubt yourself only to retreat to the safety and comfort of what you know? It may not be what you truly want, but at least it’s familiar. What’s unknown is scary. It creates discomfort, but without discomfort, there is no stimulus for change. That’s part of the human condition.

The struggles and hardships in your life are designed for you to evoke change. It builds and builds until you cannot keep it in anymore. You have two options: make a change or merely exist. Release what no longer serves you to be free to receive with both hands. You were born to grow and change. Without change, you have nothing new to offer.

Be truthful and honest with yourself. Ask your higher self, the core of who you are, “Is this what I want?” Without conditions. Without logic or rationale. Is this what I want? The answer is right there in your initial gut reaction. The conditions holding you back are the questions and in the thought process that comes after. To gain the strength and courage to live a truly authentic life, live in that moment. See, feel, and appreciate the moment you answered that question authentically. Many blessings are ahead.


Ali 🙂