Get Real, Get Raw!

Get Real Get RawCider is not a by-product for us. 

It’s what we love! 

We stand by the superior flavor and health benefits of real, raw, unpasteurized cider so much so that we don’t compromise our standards just to sell more at the store. Raw cider is super hydrating and packed with naturally occurring enzymes and beneficial bacteria to promote a healthy gut flora.

PSA: You should be seeking out real, raw cider from your local organic farmer and freezing it for a winter stock to keep your family healthy.

What Goes into a Gallon of Cider?

  • Organic Certification,
  • Licensing and organic certification of the processing facility,
  • Pruning 700 apple trees in late winter,
  • Prunings are chipped and put back under the trees to help regenerate the soil,
  • Dormant sprays to fortify the trees before the spring,
  • Detection and remedy any insect damage in the spring and summer,
  • Foliar sprays that include nutritional benefits for the trees and soil in the summer,
  • Knowing when and where to harvest ripe varieties,
  • Cold storage to further sweeten the apples,
  • Conscious blending of varieties for a perfect balance of sweet and tart,
  • Pressing and clean up,
  • Bottling, labeling, and capping,
  • Cost of bottles, caps, and labels,
  • Refrigeration of cider, and
  • Plenty of record keeping.

15 pounds of apples go into every gallon of cider. 

All this for $1 per pound… And we love it! We hope you do too!