Farmer’s Market Pre-Order

Please place your order by 12 Noon on the Sunday before Monday’s market.

Pick up at Waterboro Farmers Market: Monday, May 25th @ 2-6pm.

Taylor House, 6 OldĀ Alfred Road, Waterboro- next to Waterboro Fire Station.

Late season frozen cider is in limited supply.
Paid pre-orders will be given priority.
Once we have sold out of our frozen cider supply, we will rejoin the market later on with early-mid season fresh apples and cider.
Email orders can be sent to:

Thick and complex, late season cider is the most sought after.
Never pasteurized or UV treated.
Only available from the farmer, not sold in stores.

Half Gallon



Wood chips (1)
Freshly cut apple wood chips are perfect for smoking your favorite foods.
Our apple wood contains none of the chemical flavoring or additives
found in many charcoals and smoker woods.

Burlap Bag – Approximately 3/4 lb.



ACV coming soon


Our own Apple Cider Vinegar
with a new look and label to distinguish it’s
premium quality.

375 ml Glass Bottle