Step into Your Bee-ing


It’s the time of year when people are noticing the first few signs of spring. The days are growing longer, the birds that migrated back north are singing their songs, the buds on the trees are swelling and we await the apple blossoms. It reminds me that we need bees. A goal of ours, despite knowing very little about beekeeping currently, is to start with a couple of hives in the orchard. I did a bit of research to understand the different options and what would work best for a first time beekeeper. Of course, you are supposed to order your bees in January, but there’s no time like the present! If I hadn’t had to look a bit harder for bees, I may have missed the apiary in the town next to ours that has nucs of Italian bees that have been overwintered and ready to go.

In the meantime, the previous month has been full of change and new beginnings. Some astrological alignment I believe helped usher in the changes and we have now embarked on a journey of homeschooling our two boys. It was something I never thought I would do or could do, despite having a degree in education, but have felt remarkably at peace with it. I am encouraged by their growth, both academically and in their confidence. It has encouraged confidence in myself as well. I am now able to unite the ideals of farm life and learning from the environment around us. They both take roles on the farm and are growing into their unique selves. It is wonderful to witness.

My question to you is, what aspects in your life have you been resistant to change because you didn’t think you could it? My wish for you is that you will know that you are so much more capable than you may give yourself credit for… Be the bee and step into your bee-ing.

All my love,