Lessons From My Father

IMG_0394Father’s Day has come and gone, but a father’s love remains. Year after year, no matter how far the distance, be it time or space, a father’s love transcends and transforms. So many people truly adore their fathers, and I am one of them. My father is my teacher in this life. Though I didn’t always appreciate it, as I work to develop a business of my own, I am reminded of how truly forward thinking he is. He’s progressive, always with goals, ever changing and evolving goals that shift and grow as he does. He visualizes his goals, embodies them, and then lets the cards fall where they may. There’s that trust element that so many of us forget when we work to manifest our heart’s desires. Having that trust is so magical because I can see in him that he doesn’t stress! He is super successful, which may appear to an outsider that he’s just lucky. And really, he is, but his luck is of his own accord. It’s not because he was born into privilege or handed success on a silver plate. He simply believes he will be successful; in his mind, in his being, and in his actions. His energy is magnetic, uplifting, and contagious.

I look to his life as an example of how I want to be. Working and enjoying life at the same time. Even the mundane, he makes fun. He always encouraged me in my writing, once suggesting I attend law school which I knew wasn’t my passion, but encouraged my confidence in writing nonetheless. I never thought anything would come of my writing, more of a diary style of prose than anything else, but I have now started my own blog that will relate to my passions of food (mostly chocolate and desserts!), family, spirituality, and our newly evolving business, Eden Acres Family Farm. Thank you for joining me on my journey. I look forward to your comments and connecting with you.

Ali 🙂