Discovering Your Purpose

IMG_0886I remember as a little girl, laying on the couch playing with the feeling of levitation.  Still feeling attached to the couch, the floor seemed so far below as I looked over the edge.  It was fun!  In these moments, I remember pinching myself on the arm wondering, “Why am I in this body?  Why do I exist?”  Basically I was wondering my purpose in life.  We all go through phases in our life when we quest for our identity and purpose.  The teenage years, trying on new identities to see what fits.  Seeking direction for an area of study or career path to follow.  Midlife crises.  An end of life review.  Our current culture does not value self-awareness.  Busy lives filled with consumerism keeps our attention elsewhere, long enough to look up and see our kids grown, a spouse we barely know, and an image reflecting back that lacks purpose.

I can relate to the search for purpose more than ever with my own life change.  My husband has found passion in farming organically.  I love our life at the orchard, yet I know there is something more I have yet to accomplish.  It relates to the feeling I get from our orchard, a feeling of peace and tranquility.  I believe that feeling is magnetic, drawing in others and evoking a sense of reflection and purpose.  When I look back and examine my own life, I have always known myself as a teacher, caretaker, and spiritual seeker.  Now, with guidance, I am asking myself soul searching questions such as:

  1. What do others say I am good at?  (We are our own worst critics, so phrasing this question in this manner is illuminating!)
  2. When am I most happy and have a sense of pride and inner peace?

The purpose of human life is personal and spiritual growth.  Asking yourself questions, such as those above, can help define your own personal path to finding purpose and lead an authentic life.  Tony Robbins, the amazing motivational speaker of our day, is noted as saying, “… life happens not to me, but for me.”  How many have had the experience of a hardship that has directed their life on a whole new course creating purpose in life?  I’m willing to bet most people wouldn’t want to relive that experience, but wouldn’t change it because it led them to a higher state of being.  These experiences are designed for us (and by us) to promote growth.  Earth University.  You’re getting your degree!


Ali 🙂

The unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates