Last Chance Cider! Sat & Sun at Four Hearts Farm, Waterboro

Last Chance! This weekend, November 7 & 8, from 11 am – 3 pm we will set up our Pop-up Cider Shop at Four Hearts Farm serving hot & cold cider with jugs to-go! Enjoy this year’s Snowflake Trail for local handmade goodies. A perfect way to shop small businesses for everyone on your gift list! And when you try the fudge at Four Hearts you’ll know why I love it there 😉

Meet us at 13 Bradburn Road in Waterboro!

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Day 2 of introducing area farmers who allow us to carry their products in our shop!
This family is amazing and Ali is one of the most amazing people I have met! So smart and kind and just a light to be around!

We currently carry their Quincannon Organic unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother, of course) and an ACV Rose water facial toner that smells amazing.

Ali will be at the shop this weekend selling hot & cold apple cider by the cup along with jugs of cider to-go. The shop is open 10-5, she will be there 11-3 Saturday and Sunday!

Here is a little about this farm family right here in Waterboro:

Eden Acres Family Farm
Searching for a quality of life that would bring our family closer to nature, in the Fall of 2014 we sold our home in New Jersey and bought a small tow-behind camper. Bryan grew up in Maine and so we pointed our compass North in search of a new place to live. Of primary importance was a school for our two boys. We wanted an education that allowed them to be kids longer and place more importance on the quality of their learning, rather than test outcomes. We searched a great part of the State looking for that magic combination where we all felt a fit. While visiting a school, within the first few minutes, we were asked if we wanted to live on a 26 acre organic apple orchard with an old farmhouse… Something clicked and we knew we had to look at it! The orchard personified every reason we wanted to move to Maine. Armed with a passion for organic gardening and not much else, we took on the responsibility of caring for the 700+ apple trees. Our initial concern is the health and viability of the orchard. Moving forward, we look to diversify our offerings to include a variety of apple based products.

Get Real, Get Raw!

Get Real Get RawCider is not a by-product for us. 

It’s what we love! 

We stand by the superior flavor and health benefits of real, raw, unpasteurized cider so much so that we don’t compromise our standards just to sell more at the store. Raw cider is super hydrating and packed with naturally occurring enzymes and beneficial bacteria to promote a healthy gut flora.

PSA: You should be seeking out real, raw cider from your local organic farmer and freezing it for a winter stock to keep your family healthy.

What Goes into a Gallon of Cider?

  • Organic Certification,
  • Licensing and organic certification of the processing facility,
  • Pruning 700 apple trees in late winter,
  • Prunings are chipped and put back under the trees to help regenerate the soil,
  • Dormant sprays to fortify the trees before the spring,
  • Detection and remedy any insect damage in the spring and summer,
  • Foliar sprays that include nutritional benefits for the trees and soil in the summer,
  • Knowing when and where to harvest ripe varieties,
  • Cold storage to further sweeten the apples,
  • Conscious blending of varieties for a perfect balance of sweet and tart,
  • Pressing and clean up,
  • Bottling, labeling, and capping,
  • Cost of bottles, caps, and labels,
  • Refrigeration of cider, and
  • Plenty of record keeping.

15 pounds of apples go into every gallon of cider. 

All this for $1 per pound… And we love it! We hope you do too!

CidahFest @ Eden Acres

CidahFest 2018
CidahFest 2018

This year we are thankful for the abundant rain that helped to plump up our apples. However, the past 3 seasons of drought has taken its toll. The trees uptake nutrients through their roots in August/September for the following year. Without rain, the nutrients are unavailable. We have seen significant leaf loss and other signs of stress. But the show must go on, so we are celebrating our apples for what they are…. super healthy and amazingly flavorful with CidahFest!

Please join us from 2:00 – 5:00 pm on Saturday, October 20, 2018 as we welcome the musical talents of Jason Roman with some comfort food and drink (hot cider, of course!) Take home gallons of our craft raw cider will be available as well. Parking is limited, car pooling is recommended.

IMG_5269Also, you can find us at Frinklepod Farm (244 Log Cabin Rd, Arundel) on Saturday, October 13th from 10:30 – 2:00 with our Pop-Up Cider Shop for another opportunity to taste our cider and take some home.

***Unpasteurized raw cider can only be sold by the farmer. Due to FDA regulations, it is not available in stores.

WARNING: Once you taste the difference, it may ruin all other ciders.