Declarations After Our Second Season

File_000 (7)Can you think of a time when you were living in the middle of conditions that were less than ideal? You might ask, “Why is this happening to me?” It can be very frustrating and somewhat depressing. Yet, here you are, you’ve pulled through! Do you now have insights that you might not have had if your situation were different?  

Less than ideal growing conditions that included the worst drought in over 80 years, as I’ve heard some report, led to a significantly low yielding apple crop. The contrast was further highlighted being that it immediately followed the super crop of 2015. Both extremes in just the two years of our tenure!

It takes being faced with what you don’t want, to know what you do want.  -Abraham Hicks

While a low yielding apple crop was being faced with what we don’t want, the contrast helped us define and declare what we do want:

We want to produce a lot of apples.

We want to utilize our whole crop in the most efficient way possible.

We want to expand our markets to include Common Ground Fair, a farmer’s market, and restaurants.

We want to add bees, berries, and other fruit trees to the orchard.

We want to include other value added products like fermented foods and drinks, juices/smoothies, and honey.

We want to thrive in harmony with the environment.

We want to thrive in harmony with our community.

Above all, we want to be happy!

(A little bit more about what I want particularly:  I want to create a retreat and wellness center at the orchard with a spiritual nature to it… I believe this will happen!)

While there were plenty of lessons learned as a result of our first season: Our First Year in Review, we believe it is important for us to continue to learn and grow. This is part of the process when you have insight and find value in the contrast.

Declare what you want, I’d love to hear!